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# ANVISA Description

10417940020 Straight Plates MDT
10417940021 System of Plates and Screws for Buccomaxillofacial
10417940022 MDT Ti Implantable Screws
10417940023 Hip Total System
10417940026 Smooth Metallic Wire and Threaded for Bone Fixation
10417940027 Sliding Screw
10417940028 Interference Screw
10417940029 Tube Plate
10417940030 Non Cemented Acetabular Cup
10417940036 Metallic Interchangeable Head
10417940037 Locked Universal Intramedullary Nail
10417940039 Cemented Stem
10417940041 Plateau Component
10417940042 Patellar Component
10417940043 Cemented Polyethylene Acetabular
10417940045 Non Cemented Stem in Titanium
10417940046 Cemented Femoral Component
10417940049 Connectors and Hooks
10417940051 Screw For Ligamentous Fixation
10417940052 Non-Cannulated Screw
10417940053 Schanz Pin
10417940054 External Fixator
10417940055 Bipolar Cup
10417940056 Shoulder Prosthesis
10417940057 Special Plate
10417940059 Intersomatic Cage
10417940060 IOT Modular Endoprosthesis System
10417940061 Chromium (Cr) Cobalt (Co) Cemented Base Component
10417940062 Non-Conventional System for Shoulder
10417940063 Non-conventional System for Hip
10417940068 Non Cemented Stem without Coating
10417940069 Solid Locked Intramedullary Nail
10417940070 Oral Plates and Screws System - Lock Type
10417940072 System for Hip Arthroplasty - MD Forte
10417940073 Intramedullary Nail Locking Screw
10417940075 SAFE Posterior Spine System
10417940079 Anterior System for Cervical Column - C-Lock
10417940080 Anterior System for Cervical Column - Cefix II
10417940081 System of Bilateral Fixation for Bucomaxilo
10417940083 Pedicol Plus Posterior Spine System
10417940084 Pedicol Advanced BP Posterior Spine System
10417940085 System for Hip Arthroplasty - Hybrid
10417940086 Intermaxillary Fixation System
10417940087 External Fixator - Short Bones I
10417940088 Anterolateral System for Thoracolumbar Spine
10417940089 External Fixator - Short Bones II
10417940090 Sterile Shaver Blades
10417940091 Non Expansive Intersomatic Cage - PEEK OPTIMA
10417940092 Uncemented Stem – Hydroxyapatite
10417940093 System for Knee Arthroplasty – Rotaflex
10417940099 MI 360° Trans-facet Trans-laminar Cannulated Screw
10417940100 PEEK OPTIMA - Interference Screw
10417940118 EXACTFLEX Stabilized Knee Arthroplasty System